Contract electronics development

Contract Electronics Development is a mutually beneficial type of cooperation dynamically evolving nowadays on the market of industrial and consumer electronics.

The essence of that cooperation lies in such interaction pattern when a Product Maker company (not a company manufacturing a new product but the one that introduces it to the market) having delegated the entire development cycle or the part of it to a Contract Developer company averts many articles of expenditure like engineering staff allowance, technical facilities improvement etc. In doing so and having a stake in commercial success of the product, a Product Maker efficiently applies funds for market research and current products promotion redistributing income from sales to a new development.

At the same time, a Contract Developer while having highly skilled engineering staff at its disposal and being armed with up-to-date technical facilities has incentives to perform services of development in time and splendidly in order to use the revenue for, including but not limited to, further development efficiency improvement, equipment upgrading and services promotion. And a Contract Developer takes the responsibility for the proper evaluation of its services performance and the project management in much the same way as a Product Maker takes a risk associated with product launch.

Description of complete design cycles within the principal directions of the Edality company’s activity

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So the target of contract electronics development is a Contract Developer’s intellectual creation comprising complete electronic device, its component, printed circuit board, any analyses services of the various parameters of the developed electronics, software source codes, consulting.

And one of the key aspects of the cooperation is the fact that all results of the work performed by a Contract Developer (e.g., prototype of the product or its elements; design documentation for the further mass production; software etc., according to the agreement) becomes intellectual property of a Product Maker.

After finishing the project a Contract Developer is not entitled to commercial production, usage or passing on to a third party of its results.

Benefits of contract electronics development by the Edality company

  • The Edality company and the Customer enter into bilateral agreement, develop and consider the scope statement and the statement of work. Edality is responsible for carrying out the work in time and informs the Customer about project status.
  • Due to efficient project management schemes, development experience of many years, time-proved electronic components suppliers, reliable supply chains, trustworthy manufacturing and prototype assembly partners the Edality company guarantees quick requests evaluation, short terms and perfect quality of the project implementation.
  • Using contemporary CAD systems as well as performing additional pre-productional analysis services help to show up various technical and technological issues at an early stage of the development. This saves the Customer’s time and money because of precluding redesign, additional components procurement and re-manufacturing of the prototypes.
  • If necessary, complete set of design documentation is provided to the Customer.
  • Having started cooperation with the Edality company, it is possible either to end it after finishing the project, or later continue for the sake of new solutions or formerly developed product improvement in accordance with the market needs. Moreover, any technical consultations and project realization recommendations are absolutely free.