Board Development Studio

Board Development Studio is a tool which will help you to make design decisions early in your design process. It will help you to predict layout feasibility/density before you really are going to set up your design documentation or even going to layout.

It is an easy to use tool. You don't need expensive and complex layout tools. It is based on the usage of real component dimensions as stored in your CAD component library. Also you can create stack up and get cost prediction.

Complete placement exploration environment

Design engineers can use Board Development Studio to explore the placement of components early in the design cycle. Using the available board layout software for this task is often not possible for this task. This is because of the complexity of the board layout software, most of the board layout software requires a netlist and they are also very expensive for this specification task. The design engineer therefore uses a text editor instead for doing the pre-schematic placement studies. This is a very time consuming task and not really accurate. No real libraries of footprints are available and going through all the datasheets costs a lot of time.

With Board Development Studio, you are able to do a placement feasibility study in a very fast and accurate way, including the usage of accurate CAD footprint data, get 3d view of feature model and cost prediction.

Module placement

With Board Development Studio, you are able to save the placement data as a module and use it in other designs again.

Library environment

The library environment contains already a significant set of footprints and board outlines. This library can be extended with company specific footprints, board outlines and modules.

Graphic layer

The Board Development Studio environment has a graphic layer implemented, which allows you to add all kind of graphics for documentation purposes like: text, auto shapes and images.


Properties can be added components, component pins and graphical objects. Examples of properties could be the reference designator or the partnumber. There are numerous options thinkable for the usage of properties.

Switch Board

This release also allows you to switch from board on the fly. Just select the new board size you require and on you go again.

Languages, Libraries and Object models used

  • C/C++,
  • Visual Studio 8.0
  • MFC, Stingray Library
  • Direct 3D
  • OpenGL
  • XML