Usually, creating a 3D-model of a single PCB or the entire assembly takes place in the closing stages of the design. And the importance of this process consists in difficulty of imagining the space implementation of the particular product even after looking at its drawing. Though it is important to know before manufacturing what the product represents. And 3D-modeling makes it possible to see the product before the drawings and prototypes are done.

But the product visualization is not the only benefit. In contrast to static two-dimensional drawing, three-dimensional model can be rotated and scaled, thus being investigated at any angle. In doing so, it is easy to evaluate the degree of conformity and carry out assemblability check. So 3D-modeling technology helps to find any possible errors and mismatings, which fixing on the stage of manufacturing would come a hundred times more expensive. Eventually, a project can be finished in shorter term with less expense.

One more benefit of 3D-model lies in the fact that it is possible to feed preproduction systems with information  necessary for numerical control machines programming.

Edality’s specialists have wide experience in creating elements of any complexity in state-of-the-art and multifunctional CAD software which allows not only to create a model but also to accomplish simulating for a score of parameters according to utilized materials.

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