DFM/DFA verification

Using the Mentor GraphicsTM Valor NPITM platform Edality’s experts can offer comprehensive Design For Manufacturing (DFM) and Design For Assembly (DFA) analysis that can be applied either concurrently with the design flow, so that it provides maximum advantage, or at entry to manufacturing:

  • during PCB design process it applies almost 700 manufacturing rules for sake of ensuring the least number of manufacturing revision;
  • for manufacturing engineers Valor NPITM provides comprehensive analysis reports to prove that new products match the fabrication processes. BOM/AVL component analyses ensure the design complies with assembly and test standards. Rapid feedback to the PCB designer allows DFM corrections and/or improvements to be implemented before manufacture.

Advantages of Edality DFM/DFA analysis service:

  • reduction of the number of design revisions;
  • lowering total product cost;
  • improvement of the reliability of a design;
  • smooth interaction between design and manufacture;
  • working with all major PCB layout and manufacturing tools.

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