PCB layout

Working unitedly as persevering and flexible team, Edality’s PCB layout engineers range their experience from small and simple boards to very dense high-speed designs. Extensive domain knowledge coupled with well-defined and proven design technique afford a basis for wide-ranging capabilities including interconnections for 10Gb/s signals, use of FPGA's, layouting of digital, analog and mixed designs.

Edality’s Signal Integrity and Power Integrity experts carry out thorough design analysis at an early stage that helps to eliminate layout iterations. In addition, EMC verification and Thermal Analysis are performed for a design. And finally, DFM/DFA verification guarantees excellent PCB fabrication bringing off a successful design implementation. 

PCB design service overview:

  • high-speed digital, analog, mixed digital/analog PCB designs;
  • сomplex design layout constrains setting and implementation;
  • schematic design;
  • analyses-driven routing;
  • EMC and Thermal verification;
  • quick turnaround schedules available;
  • Pre- and Post-layout SI and PI verification;
  • Valor manufacturing verification service.

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