Power integrity analysis

Power integrity analysisPower integrity analysis

Designers of modern high-speed digital printed circuit boards encounter problems that were unimaginable a few years ago. One of them is power integrity which main items are power density, power rails multiplicity and noise occurrence.

Designs often require more power to travel across a limited amount of space, but several factors still influence on how much power it can actually handle. They are the amount of space available, the number of copper layers, their thickness and interconnects temperature rise. Understanding each of these elements very early in during the design phase is necessary for successful power integrity implementation into the system, avoiding excessive solutions and speeding up the design process.

Though trial-and-error approach, often used to solve all these issues, is time-consuming, expensive and frequently results in over-constrained designs with increased developing time and manufacturing cost.  

Edality can help to analyze and optimize printed circuit board design simulating virtual prototypes in order to identify potential power integrity problems while carrying out trial-and-error approach for power integrity optimizing causes multiple design cycles and higher cost.

Power integrity analysis