Embedded systems, single-board and single-chip computers software

Big progress in electronic components integration has resulted in a large-scale miniaturization of data processing systems and appearing of such devices as:

  • Embedded System;

  • CoM (Computer-on-Module);

  • SBC (Single-Board-Computer);

  • SoB (System-on-Board);

  • SoM (System-on-Module);

  • Chip Stack;

  • MCM (Multi-Chip Module);

  • SiP (System-in-Package);

  • SoC (System-on-Chip).

In substance, devices of that kind are full-featured computers implemented on a single PCB (Printed Circuit Board) or even inside a single chip. So using them in new electronic product designs makes it possible to reduce (and sometimes significantly!) overall dimensions of the device harmlessly in terms of its functionality.

Edality offers software development for the products that incorporate any of the above mentioned devices, either those running under Linux™ or Windows Embedded™ solely, or supporting Verilog and VHDL languages.