FPGA programming

It is possible to design your own controller by means of PLD/FPGA (Programmable Logic Device/Field-Programmable Gate Array). All interconnects in FPGA are user-programmable, while the logic of usual control-oriented ICs (Integrated Circuits) are set up during a manufacturing process, thus rigidly defined.

Programming languages used for FPGA structure synthesis vary in syntax and belong to different levels. Meanwhile, development systems, besides character displaying, make graphical depiction of FPGA circuitry possible. Moreover, there can be a modular approach as a combination of these methods. Thereafter program code efficiency check can be run either in FPGA directly, or in its virtual model. All that cause tools freedom and enable to solve a wide range of problems of practical importance.

So FPGA can replace a significant quantity of small logic ICs (with all their application circuits) reducing the number of pads on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and improving the overall reliability of the product. And FPGA reprogramming possibility allows orienting promptly in a rapidly developing world of electronics for the sake of the creating present-day and competitive devices.   

Edality’s experts, basing on their extensive experience in FPGA programming and in accordance with the client’s requests, can help to find and implement the optimal solution of the assigned task.